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15 Mar 2021

Always Be Closing... Feedback Loops

Closing Feedback Loops is the most important thing you can do to build relationships. Be it a customer, your team-member, or a friend. It's a basis for any communication, internal or external.

01 Mar 2021

Build Products for People, not Data Points

During the early days of the product, heavy reliance on analytics can bring more harm than benefits. Why would you use proxies instead of talking to people? I believe the answer is the wrong interpretation of analytics purpose.

22 Feb 2021

Start with Feature Imparity

Reaching a feature parity across platforms is often considered a positive thing. But when followed blindly, this option costs more for the company and the users. You got to analyze the unique business circumstances first.

15 Feb 2021

Invisible Progress Creep

Small day-to-day improvements are usually left unnoticed over Big Moments. But no Moment can happen without consistently putting in the work. Without recognizing those tiny iterations, we block ourselves from reaching the next Milestone to celebrate.

08 Feb 2021

Escaping Impatience Trap

Where do you think technical debt comes from? Why random feature opportunities tend to overshadow long-term goals? For product teams the answer is delayed gratification. And the only way to fight it is to time travel.

01 Feb 2021

Mindless Overcommunication

Overcommunication is commonly used for sharing "important" internal updates. It sounds compiling because it feels safe. But in reality, this is a literal definition of spam. And what people usually do with spam? They ignore it.

25 Jan 2021

Release new without people hating you

Every redesign inevitably makes some people miserable. They didn't see it coming. Now they need to re-learn how to use your product again. We can do better.

22 Dec 2020

The misleading nature of Building in Public

Building in Public movement created an enormous pool of insights for the indie makers community. I have one problem with the term, though, that lies in its misleading name.

03 Nov 2020

The Internal Release Notes dilemma, and what can we do about it?

The majority of PMs believe that nobody reads Internal Release Notes. At the same time, the majority of PM maintain them and recommend to others as a solution for internal communication problems. Why is it?

20 Oct 2020

The on-demand communication fallacy

Overview of how Passive Information Consumption approach to communication can increase the team's productivity and wellbeing.

17 Aug 2020

Making the product easier-to-use isn't always the best idea

Whenever you make the product "easier to use" for the customers, you make it harder to maintain for the engineering team. Easy-to-use products are expensive to make. It's important to be mindful of that and take only relevant complexity.

09 Aug 2020

Hacking iOS Simulator with simctl and dynamic libraries

Extend the iOS Simulator by building a plugin for it. A dynamic loader and simctl allow injecting custom code into the Simulator. With that, you can modify its behavior.

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