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15 Mar 2021

Always Be Closing... Feedback Loops

One of the lessons I learned during the Techstars program was the importance of closing feedback loops. And how this can build healthier relationships with people around you. It’s a universal communication technique that can lead to in-depth discussions and learnings.

A feedback loop is created whenever you talk about future actions.

In this case, closing the feedback loop means sharing your intentions first and then moving forward with actions.

Opened feedback loop doesn’t necessarily harm anybody. But leaving it open means you’re missing an opportunity to either build stronger relationships or learn more about the topic. How many times have you advised to somebody and then never heard back?

Sure enough, it’s not free to keep track of all the advice/suggestions/comments/feature requests. It requires discipline and well-maintained systems in place.

For example, to close feature-requests loops with the customer, such a system would consist of three core pieces:

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